RECITAL - premierING 28/2/19

RECITAL reel 1

RECITAL showreel 1 - slow

This youtube link is a short showreel with a slow, calm character, showing the potential of this collaboration as a staged touring cross-genre production, Music by Paul Mac and Claire Edwardes. Dance and choreography by Richard Cilli and Gideon Obarzanek.


RECITAL showreel 2 - fast

This youtube link is a 2nd showreel with a faster and more frenetic musical accompaniment showing a different style of dance and music. Music by Paul Mac and Claire Edwardes. Dance and choreography by Richard Cilli and Gideon Obarzanek.


The soundcloud link shows another style of music created by Paul and Claire in Bundanon for RECITAL - this time with LARGE FLOWER POTS as the starting inspiration for the sound world.

This dropbox link shows GALLERY IMAGES from the creative development at Sydney Dance Company with beautiful images showing the team on collaboration by Pedro Grieg





Released 2017

Jason Noble


Ho, Vincent - Nostalgia

Eotvos, Melody - How does a Miller

Eotvos, Melody - Leafcutter

Eotvos, Melody - And I was Tired

Ricketson, Damien - Time Alone

Whale, Marcus - Work

Eotvos, Melody - No Man

Reich, Steve - Vermont Counterpoint

REVIEWS - Loud Mouth Clariaudient is a fascinating collection of recent works for solo percussion and fixed-media electronic music, superbly interpreted by Claire Edwards.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 9.33.15 AM.png


ABC Classics
Released 2017

Karin Schaupp (guitar)
Julian Smiles (cello)
Bernadette Harvey (piano)
Anna McMichael (violin)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Christina Leonard (saxophone)


Cole, Amanda - Glocken Blocken (marimba & almglocken solo) (WP)

Edwards, Ross - Djanaba (guitar, marimba) 

Abbott, Katy - Re-Echo (cello, percussion) 

Edwards, Ross - Binyang (clarinet, claves)

Psathas, John - Fragment (piano, vibraphone) 

Brophy, Gerard - We Bop (alto saxophone, vibraphone)

Kats-Chernin, Elena - Blue Silence (bass clarinet, marimba) 

Grenfell, Maria - Di Primavera (guitar, marimba) 

Ford, Andrew - No Man's Land (violin, vibraphone/crotales)

Sculthorpe, Peter - Djilile (cello, marimba) 

Charlton, Richard - Carpenteria (guitar, vibraphone)

Dargaville, Tim - Invisible Dance (soprano saxophone, marimba)

Greenbaum, Stuart - Two Interludes in Space (piano, violin, vibraphone

REVIEWS - Music Trust  “For Kammerbox, Claire Edwardes collects chamber works, mostly duos, by Australian composers for performances by herself and other high profile instrumentalists. There is an excellent standard of musicianship demonstrated by all the players and the works presented are compositionally outstanding..."



Tall Poppies TP223
Released 2013


Xenakis, Iannis- Rebonds B & A

Shlomowitz, Matthew - Hi Hat & Me

Griswold, Erik - Chooks! (from Old MacDonald’s Yellow Submarine) 

Crane, Laurence - Solo for Claire Edwardes

Alvarez, Javier - Temazcal

Greenbaum, Stuart - Clockwork Lemon

Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Tierkreis (Aquarius & Taurus) 

Rzewski, Frederic - To the Earth

Sierra, Roberto - Bongo-0 

4 1/2 stars - It all sounds like a wonderful musical magic mystery tour ... Edwardes continues to show amazing technique on a whole variety of colourful instruments and she’s now sorted, for the moment, the problem of accommodating her instruments in the back of the car!”
— Emyr Evans, Fine Music Magazine
Displaying brilliant solo work, this recording is...mesmerising with its repetitive strains, but is also highly energetic and exciting. The multitude of different colours, along with intricate rhythmic challenges, makes this a disc of exceptional bravery by a performer, who brings to her work a creativity and uniqueness, that is so often not experienced.”
— Barry Walmsley

Flash - Marimba Miniatures

Tall Poppies TP215
Released 2011


J.S. Bach - O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

J.S. Bach - Lute Suite in E minor BWV 996

Schmitt, Matthias - from Sechs Miniaturen

Kats-Chernin, Elena - Violet’s Etude

Bartók, Béla - from Mikrokosmos

Greenbaum, Stuart - April Revisited

Schumann, Robert - from Album for the Young

Keller, Andrea - Pierrot the Clown

Corea, Chick - Children’s Songs

Rojas, Daniel - Mirimba

Shostakovich, Dimitri - from Six Little Pieces & Ballet Suite No. 3

Brophy, Gerard - Trance Ripples

Kabalevsky, Dimitry - from The First Book for Pianists

Edwards, Ross - Marimba Dances (1st movt)

Tchaikovsky, Peter Illych – from Album for the Young

Hindson, Matthew - Flash

The title track of the recording by Matthew Hindson is typical of his high-energy music - intense, fast-paced and virtuosic. As usual Claire Edwardes responds to the music’s challenges. The piece rounds off a recording that shows off not just a fine and versatile instrument, but one of the great performers that we have in Australia. This recording is for anyone serious about new Australian music.”
— Houston Dunleavy, Music Forum Magazine


Tall Poppies TP193
Released 2007


Brophy, Gerard – Coil

Edwards, Ross – More Marimba Dances

Ricketson, Damien – Hol-Spannen-Luiden (per coda)

Karski, Dominik – Beginnings to no End

Ford, Andrew – The Armed Man

Pollard, Mark – Just a Moment, One Sweet Moment

Schultz, Andrew – Winter Ground

... a very colourful array of Australian composers of different generations, which all have a pop-like drive as a vehicle, in common.”
— Anthony Fiumara, De Trouw, Amsterdam
Edwardes plays with the vitality necessary to make these pieces really sparkle, as well as with sensitivity to their dynamic subtleties. Tall Poppies’ sound is bright and nicely present.”
— Stephen Eddins, All Music

Vertigo One

Karnatic Lab
Released 2006

Neils Meliefste (percussion)


Vriezen, Samuel – Toccata III (glockenspiel duo) 2001

Weisser, Benedict – Study for Four Hands - Piano Drumming (marimba and vibraphone duo) 2004

Crawford, Drew – Quadrivium 1 (percussion duo) 1998

Stanley, Jane – Celestial Dance (marimba and congas duo) 2000

Vleggaar, Giel – Come Here Often? (percussion duo with tape) 2002

McGowan, Ned – Urban Turban (marimba duo) 2001

Crego, Cliff – The Magic Box (marimba and vibraphone duo) 2000

Stylish precision and poised clarity characterise this enterprising disc of new percussion music by the brilliantly versatile Duo Vertigo.”
— Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald

The Axe Manual

Metronome Records
Released 2004

Nicolas Hodges (piano)


Birtwistle, Harrison – The Axe Manual

Birtwistle, Harrison – Harrison’s Clocks

Birtwistle, Harrison – Ostinato with Melody


2005 Gramophone's Critic's Choice | 2005 CD of the Year in the Sunday Times (UK) | 5 stars BBC Music Magazine

The performances are simply wonderful…He [Nicolas Hodges] combines well with percussionist Claire Edwardes in The Axe Manual, a monumental, 22-minute study in rhythmic layering that reinterprets the relationship between the two players; it may be one of the less accessible of Birtwistle’s recent pieces, but it’s an impressive one.”
— Andrew Clements, BBC Music Magazine

1999 Young Performers Award CD

ABC Classics
Released 2001

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Markus Stenz (conductor)


Donatoni, Franco - Omar

Ford, Andrew - Composition in Blue, Grey and Pink

Klatzow, Peter - Dances of Earth and Fire

Schwantner, Joseph - Percussion Concerto


Photo: Jordan Adams

Photo: Jordan Adams


Photo: Monty Coles

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Photo Jordan Adams

Photo: Jordan Adams

Photo: Jordan Adams

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Photo: Jordan Adams

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Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Monty Coles

Photo: Heidrun Lohr