Welcome to the second edition of my personal e-news. I had wanted to say Happy New Year a bit earlier than post 'Back To School' but better later than never. From 1984 to 2018, this was me in Year 3 (the one right in the middle) - my hair is shorter now but otherwise I don't think I've changed one bit (ha!) My little one Poppy has just started year 2 and has begun piano lessons with my inspirational piano teacher of 15 years, Mrs Faye Lake. Pretty amazing really! And Violet is in Year 5 and plays clarinet in the school band.

Highlights in 2017 were performing Elena Kats-Chernin's Golden Kitsch to an audience of over 10,000 at the Myer Music Bowl with the wonderful Ben Northey and the MSO and our year of featuring female composers with Ensemble Offspring - I'm pretty proud of us for highlighting the work of female composers so thoroughly! The definite lowlight was spraining my ankle really badly (and alone) in Amsterdam as I was leaving Classical Next and then not being able to board my flight in London. It was back in May and it's only just almost back to normal.

And in terms of 2018 - well I have lots of news (solo and Ensemble Offspring related), so here it goes...

Last week Ensemble Offspring gave our first concert of the season at the Utzon Room. It's always a buzz to perform in this intimate space but to a sell out crowd it is especially wonderful. The highlight for me was performing David Lang's exciting 'Cheating, Lying, Stealing' for the very first time - it's an edgy and funky piece and especially challenging for me thanks to the coordination involved with playing a marimba, kick bass drum, anvil and tom toms basically simultaneously. I'm not a trained drumset player so coordination like this is always a challenge for me! Anyway the good news for you guys is you can hear it again at Sizzle on 29th April if you missed it as part of 'Hark The Machine'.

The creative development entitled VersUS I have been undertaking during 2017 with dancer Richard Cilli, DJ Paul Mac and unique director Gideon Obarzanek got a step further to its first public outing in 2019, with the creation of this showreel. We've applied to Ozco for a bit more dosh to get us to the WP stage but for us it has been pretty special crossing over into each others worlds in our various developments. For me it has been the first time I've co-composed (and Paul is such a fab and open partner with which to do this) - and also the first time I have really had to move and even almost dance - well obviously it's my version of untrained dancing, but running and being a 'squid' on the ground with Richard for days on end (pictured below) was certainly something different to hitting objects in a solitary manner. It really did open my eyes to the hard work dancers put in day in day out and made me inspired for the premiere of our show in early 2019!

And I'm currently updating my website with all of my 2018 shows for the year but the big one I am most looking forward to is the Australian premiere of James MacMillan's 2nd Percussion Concerto with the Sydney Symphony - there are 4 performances in November in the Concert Hall with David Robertson - pretty exciting!

As 2018 gets into full swing I find myself about to embark on some fun touring. From Hong Kong to Adelaide to the back of Bourke (literally).

3-4 March Ensemble Offspring, Artistree HONG KONG (Andriessen, Griswold, Eotvos, Coelho etc)
10-12 March Adelaide Festival Compassion:Chamber Landscapes Ukaria - Australia Ensemble & TinAlley String Quartet (Westlake, Dean, Grandage)
17 March 8pm UNSW Australia Ensemble (Brett Dean)
15 April Ensemble Offspring Festival of Biaime's Ngunnhu, Brewarinna (Indigenous Composers Initiative 2017 works)
29 April Ensemble Offspring Sizzle (Alice Chance, Liz Jigalin, Erik Griswold, Koto Ensemble etc)