Ensemble Offspring

Ensemble Offspring

Artistic Director & percussionist

Dynamic Sydney-based collective, Ensemble Offspring, is dedicated to adventurous new music. Led by Artistic Director, award winning percussionist Claire Edwardes, the organisation celebrated its 20th birthday in 2015. Its virtuoso team of musicians boasts broad ranging talents and a passion for performing the music of our time. Often cited as Australia’s most influential force in new music today, the ensemble won the 2016 APRA Art Music Award for Excellence by an Organisation. Over its twenty-year history, Ensemble Offspring has premiered more than 100 new works and presents an annual program of over 30 concerts a year in Australia and abroad.

"one of the most exciting listening experiences I have ever enjoyed.” Sydney Morning Herald

Karin Schaupp, guitar

Karin Schaupp, guitar

DERVISH - guitar/percussion

Acclaimed Australian chamber musician and much loved guitarist Karin Schaupp teams up with Claire Edwardes on mallet percussion in their second partnership. Since forming as a duo in 2015 the pair have collaborated with an array of Australian composers including Nigel Westlake, Ross Edwards, Maria Grenfell, Gerard Brophy and Connor d'Netto. Through the mellow and sensual medium of marimba, vibraphone and guitar in 'Dervish' audiences are transported to another whirling world through the works of  Isbilen, Albinez, Brophy, Houghton, Kats-Chernin, Clare Strong and Paul Stanhope. The concert is accompanied  by live video art by Todd Fuller.

"Edwardes played with an agility that was mesmerising and the depth of the forest succinctly radiated from the suggestions of Karin Schaupp’s guitar recital.” The Culture Concept

Bernadette Harvey, piano

Bernadette Harvey, piano

Bernadette Harvey
RITUAL - piano/percussion

Treasured chamber musicians Claire Edwardes and Bernadette Harvey have been collaborating for over 10 years and have featured in many national series and festivals including ABC Sunday Live (Sydney Conservatorium/Eugene Goossens Hall), Aurora Living Music Festival (Western Sydney), Ozasia Festival (Adelaide) and Australian Festival of Chamber Music (Townsville). RITUAL is an accessible and engaging duo program featuring works by JS Bach, Franz Liszt, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Kevin Puts and a world premiere by Katy Abbott.

“The consummate skills of Edwardes and Harvey were confirmed in the final work by Birtwistle…it was an appropriate conclusion to a smartly curated concert of challenging and beguiling woks from two inspiring performers.” RealTime

Claire Edwardes, percussion

Claire Edwardes, percussion


Claire is a muse for many composers and this programs showcases recent works written for her by composers Nicole Lizee, Matthew Shlomowitz, Elizabeth Younan, Ella Macens and her own composition for waterphone solo ‘ether lines’.  Discover a magical new sonic world and hear hand-made music boxes, piano lids and iPad like never before.

“Edwardes colours everything she plays with exuberance, intelligence and sensitivity and offers us here a great percussion primer.” Limelight Magazine

Richard Cilli, dancer

Richard Cilli, dancer

percussion, dance & electronica

A music & dance recital in 6 parts. Cutting edge percussionist, Claire Edwardes and contemporary dancer, Richard Cilli unite their distinct virtuosic talents to create a unique double-act. What first appears as an expository or formal recital however soon reveals a more complex and disturbing shadow of difference and rivalry in the pair. By the end, consigned to perform in parallel isolation, Claire and Richard’s on stage solo acts merge into a mesmeric out of body experience backed by pulsing light and immersive electronica.

“Well, it’s an installation, really. Well, no, it’s more dance theatre. Well, it’s both. And a concert, or recital. With a little bit of circus sideshow. It’s all of these things. And more.” SOS

Claire Edwardes, toy glockenspiel

Claire Edwardes, toy glockenspiel


Amanda Cole - Vibraphone Theory

Cat Hope - The Past is Singing in Our Teeth

 Ann South - Alternate Currents

Marilyn Rife and Alice Gomez - Rain Dance

Nicole Lizee - new work (written for Claire Edwardes)

Oxana Omelchuk - STAAHAADLER AFF (drum set and sample pad)

Rebecca Saunders - dust (2017/18)

Cat Hope - Broken Approach (bass drum kit, a.m. radio’s and wind up mechanisms) (written for Vanessa Tomlinson)

Cate Hope - Tone Being tam-tam and sub woofer  (written for Louise Devenish)

Vanessa Tomlinson - Still and Moving Paper (written for Vanessa Tomlinson)

Rosemary Joy - Fratrem (written for Vanessa Tomlinson)

Kate Moore - Coral Speak 23’ (written for Louise Devenish)

Natasha Anderson - The Snakes are Loose (written for Vanessa Tomlinson)

Liza Lim - An Elemental Thing (woodblock solo) (commissioned by Eugene Ughetti)

Ann Cleare - A unit of wrest for wire and metallic sculpture (percussion) and electronics (2009)

Sarah Nemstov - Shadow Drums (2017) for percussion solo (with voice, electronics, tape, objects and light) 12'

Betty Jolas - Music for Joan (vibraphone and piano)

Natasha Diels - An Economy of Means (requires some specific tech)

Hanna Hartman - Message from the Lighthouse (large flower pot, butter knives, 2 bricks, 2 congas)

Pacha Sasaki - Sanagi

Ashley Fure - Shiver Lung

Kate Neal - Self Accusation (written for Vanessa Tomlinson)

Sarah Elise Thompson - II (for small gong)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Elena Kats-Chernin - Clip

Rebecca Saunders - dust

Nicole Lizee - Ringer (drum kit & glockenspiel)

Jennifer Staseck - Six Elegies Dancing (marimba solo)

Unsuk Chin - Allegro ma non Troppo (multi percussion + tape)

Kaija Saariaho - Six Japanese Gardens (multi percussion + electronics)

Keiko Abe - Ancient Vase etc

Anna Thorvalsdottir - hidden (2009) (percussionist & grand piano)

Bree van Reyk - A Series of Breaths (vibraphone solo) (written for Bree c=van Reyk)

Kate Moore - Spel (self standing vibraphone solo from Coral Speak)

Claire Edwardes & Paul Mac - Dual Attractor (percussion + electronics from  RECITAL) (written for Claire Edwardes)

Claire Edwardes - ether lines (waterphone) (2017)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Elizabeth Younan - Electors of Middlemarch (percussion & voice) (2017)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Natalie Nicolas - I beat with the world outside (percussion & pre recorded track) (2017)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Ella Macens - Colour Burst (multi-percussion) (2017)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Clare Strong - Moonlight (metal percussion) (2017) (written for Claire Edwardes)

Clare Strong - Behind Blue Eyes (vibraphone) (2016)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Hollis Taylor - Owens Springs Reserve 2016 & 2011  (vibraphone) (2016) (written for Claire Edwardes)

Ella Macens - Verve (marimba) (2016)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Elizabeth Younan - Agitation (marimba) (2016)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Amanda Cole - Glocken Blocken (marimba, almglocken) (2015)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Melody Eötvös - Counterpoint (multi, electronics) (2014)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Elena Kats-Chernin - Violet's Etude (marimba) (2010)  (written for Claire Edwardes)

Andrea Keller - Pierrot the Clown (marimba) (2010) (written for Claire Edwardes)

Seung-Ah Oh - Circle (multi) (2004) (written for Claire Edwardes)